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Posted by Coach Elizabeth Braggs on June 29, 2007 at 10:30 AM

Hello Potiential Member(s) of the AIAPD Studio,

    We are the (AIAPD) Angels in America of Praise Dance Studio widely known as "The Angels". We have been in business since 2004. We currently have over 5 studio locations accross he U.S. The programs and oppertunities we offer is unlike many dancing facilities here in the State of Texas. The program is open for children 1-19 and adults 20 & above. We have classes for special needs individuals , beginners, immediate, skillful, professional and advance dancers. A little something for everyone

                                                                  Come One Come All:

Currently we have a mixture of cultures and religions it's open to everyone regardless of beliefs, religion, culture, etc.

We offer:

1. Scholarships

2. 2 College Credits

3. Long Term Children Grow with Me Program= Graduation+ Become Certified

4. Long & Term Adult Program= Graduation+Become Certified to Teach

What we Teach?

- Both Classical & Modern Ballet






-Theatre Arts/Drama/Acting

- Musicals/TV Commercials/Choir


-Sight Singing

-Marching Band/Color Gaurd


*We also offer tutoring for various school related subjects.


Our Goal is to build confidence, self esteem and a sister and brotherhood meanwhile promoting Godliness.

Houston District Qty of Students:

We have over 30 students here in the Houston, TX district so far.

NEW! Waco District Qty of Students:

We have over 20 students here in the Waco, TX district .

NEW! Sacramento, CA Qty of Students:

We have over 40 students here in the Sacromento, CA district.

New Carrollton, MD Qty of Students:

We have over 15 students here in New Carrollton, MD.

Austin,TX District Qty of Students:

We have over 50 students in the Austin, TX District.

Tyler, TX District Qty of Students:

We have over 10 in the Tyler, TX District.

Bronx, New York District Qty of Students:

We have over 17 in the Bronx, New York District.

Coming SOON- Memphis, TN 2017-2018


        Angels in America of Praise Dance Studio (AIAPD)


Angels in America of Performing Arts Studio (A.I.A.P.A.S.)

        (Non-denominational Ministry)

We are located at:

9050 Cook Rd. #103

Houston, TX 77099


Waco, TX / Sacramento, CA/ Tyler, TX/ New Carrollton, MD/ New York, Bronx

Coming Soon Memphis,TN

Contact Us: For the specific Locations

M-F 10:00 a.m.-7:00p.m.

Saturday 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

*Please call us at (903)747-5576

Schedule your appointment today!

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