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The (A.i.A.P.D.) Angels in America of Praise Dance Studio . Was established in late November in the year 2005. GOD knew it was time to raise up a nation and time to turn his children hearts back to Him. Therefore He used Minister  Elizabeth, as His vessel and told her to minister to His people.   The gifts/talents He have given unto her is to reach  out into the world & collect His children and impart His love for them by teaching them the WORD of God. She also used her ministry of Praise Dance to win souls for Christ. I've learned when GOD moves He moves.  I can remember when Minister Elizabeth, went from door to door carrying a BIBLE in one hand and a boom box in the other, along with flyers which was carried by the followers amongst them all was  a group of praise dancers.  The praise dancers would dance for the LORD  no matter where they were nobody was ashamed to proclaim the goodness of the LORD.  "Minister Elizabeth" they would call her; would ask her how many souls were saved? Minister  Elizabeth, would turn and say " Hopefully all" and then they would go back at it and this time they would pray for the people even the ones who have slammed doors in their faces.

 From the A.I.A.P.D. was birth The Angels in America of  Praise Company of Ministries which is the unbrella of a sum of ministries such as: Angels in America of Praise Dance Studio, Angels in America of African Love Store, Angels of Praise Store,Angels of Health & Beauty. We are glad to announce a new addition ot the family  The Angels of  Praise International Prayer House Ministries  which this very day the people who were prayed for are ready to  join  the church. The church is filled with the love of God. When one come/go they will surely feel the annointing and be blessed.

God then gave according to His own heart  Pastor Elizabeth Braggs. God knows all things and there is nobody that can compare the amount of love He shows each and everyone of us on a day to day basis. God is such an awesome God there is non-other like Him.  Our man of God is packed with the Word of God and Holy Ghost filled we believe the report of the LORD which comes directly from God to our  Pastor.

. She is a true  Minister of the Gospel called to teach the WORD of God with the gifts of Healing, Deliverance, and much more gifts of the Spirit. Having such a powerful Ministry and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is present.

What we believe?

-We believe in the Trinity

What is the Trinity?

-God (The Father)

-God (The Son)

-God (The Holy Spirit)

What is this ministry based on?

John 3:16

-For God so loved the world that He gave is one and only begotton Son that whom so ever believe in Him shall not perish but have ever lasting life.

We believe that God sent His son into the world to die for us and He raised on the third day with all power in His hands. He is the son of the Most High God and without Him we are nothing.

 Mission Statement

We are the children of the Most High God,  We shall serve Him with pure hearts and lean not unto our own understanding. He is the I AM, He is the Alpah and Omega we are His sheep we must follow the doctorine which was layed before us to become Christ like until He return again praying that our names is written in the BOOK OF LIFE.





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